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16-Sep-2020 11:17

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If you have permission, you can check a file back in that was checked out by someone else.

When you check-in the file, you'll get a warning dialog that the it is checked out to another user. If you need to get to a file but it's checked out, you can view which user has it checked out so you can contact them.

In my experience, the inconsistencies in terms of which items fail and which don't, had us looking down the path of a lock issue. If we took one specific item in the list and tested against it, sometimes the workflow would run successfully and other times it would fail.

Depending on the hardware we used, we'd get entirely different results with the same configuration.

Tip: If you want to edit an Office document at the same time as other people (also called co-authoring), don’t check out the document. We recommend turning on versioning for the library first, though, just in case someone makes a mistake later and you need to restore an earlier version of the document.

error updating a list item document checked out-41

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This way, if you lose changes, you can restore a previous version of the document.

If you downloaded your document to work locally, you'll want to upload it before checking it. See Upload files to a library to see how to do this.

If you check out a file and don’t make changes to it, or you make changes that you don’t want to keep, you can simply discard the checkout, rather than saving the file.

Tip: Check out these You Tube videos from Share Point community experts to learn more about working in Share Point.

If you’re managing a library, you may also find these videos on documents and libraries helpful.

Hello Expert, I have Share Point designer workflow which is updating list item on event of Info Path submit button. I think, Info Path form is not properly close after submission for some users.