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04-Nov-2019 14:06

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“The goal of the team is to make Facebook simply the best place to start a relationship online,” Nathan Sharp, Facebook Dating’s product manager told Tech Crunch.Sharp explained that the product isn’t trying to compete with Tinder’s endless swiping, but instead hopes to help its users find longterm partners, competing with apps like e Harmony or Hinge.Facebook first announced its dating app on May 1, during its annual F8 developer conference.On that day, Match Group—which owns Tinder, the dating app that according to Facebook’s own data dominates the dating-app space—saw it shares fall 17%.The app uses algorithms and data it collects about users—information that other dating apps don’t have the same access to—to match them with potential romantic partners, according to Tech Crunch.One key difference between Facebook’s Dating app and others like Tinder, is that there is no swiping involved.They named him Matteo Oliver Tucci, which is a little formal. At the time, Stanley joked, “” Stanley’s recent interview with the Sunday Times is a bit dated by now, but excerpts are starting to surface from the subscription piece. There are photographs (of Kathryn) around at home … And especially when we first met it was only two years after Kate died. Once my wife passed away, I was there by myself and what was I doing?The interesting part is where he talks about moving on after his first wife’s death. She and Stanley were married for 14 years, and Stanley thought he’d never find happiness again. They fell in love, hard and fast, and dated for about a year before Stanley proposed. So…” On Felicity’s British vibe: “Well, English women are a bit more relaxed than Americans. I find that very attractive.” On moving to England “People here are just shocked. To me, this was the healthier option.” [From The Sunday Times Male celebrities seldom reveal such personal details about their family life, but Stanley's widower experience is a valuable one to reveal.

The social network announced in May its plans to roll out a dating app during its annual F8 developer conference.

Stanley Tucci isn’t a huge gossip guy, but I like to write about him every so often.

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