Disabled women looking for sex

18-Sep-2020 16:42

He said in a recent interview: “When you are disabled the two things people think you can’t do are fight and have sex…so I’ve got a black belt and I’m really good at shagging.

The physical pleasures in life are really important to me.” So how can we shift the negative images of disability and sexuality that still dominate society’s attitudes?

Disabled characters and their sexuality appear relatively frequently in legends and texts but are usually harnessed to powerful negative metaphors.

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This trope is repeated, much later, in D H Lawrence’s This scenario, where a disabled man is judged to have lost sexual power because of his impairment and his sexual partner has carte blanche to seek solace elsewhere, has become known as the ‘Chatterley Syndrome’.By the end of World War II, it is estimated that some 200,000 people with disabilities had been murdered.The disability movement first started to challenge those attitudes in the USA in the mid-to-late 1960s.Another powerful archetype, Tom Shakespeare says, is the unconscious – and sometimes conscious – attitude surrounding reproductive fitness that suggests having a disabled partner is potentially contaminating as it could pass the ‘problem’ on to the next generation.

Disabled people have challenged this on many levels: for example, sexual relations are not all about procreation, not all impairments are inheritable, and many disabled people accept their impairment and the possibility that it might be passed on.One of the best examples is in William Shakespeare’s Richard III, who is written as twisted in body and mind or, as he says of himself, “rudely stamped” and rendered impotent by his physical limitations.