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28-Dec-2019 16:18

One of the most vibrant, buzzing cities in the States, if not the world.

But, because I was into him, I thought, Well, he just started an intense masters program, and he did tell me that when he gets into school mode, he goes hard. But we all know that when a man is into you, no matter what he has going on, he will manage to call you with a tin can and some string. #youneverknow Pride also told me not to reach out to him. Why should I be pressed over someone who couldn’t show me common decency? But not really, because I was forced to move on; whereas he happily and eagerly chose to move on. You nurse your wounds, and also the wounds of others. Marriott was my first Brooklyn dating experience and I can still smile about it. I smile because if I could meet him, then it means I can meet another one like him (minus the ghosting). ” Also, I would have kept the Motherland pictures to myself.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting an exciting relationship, no one chases after boring, but it was more than that.

The chatline is for sexy people that want to interact with like-minded people, so don’t call if you are more traditional and can be easily shocked.… continue reading »

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