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He's gotta put himself out there, make friends, try harder to recover from his past traumas.

That's not easy to do when you're persistently distracted by feelings for a certain dumb blonde.

Sasuke realized the danger after it touched him, jumping away put Sakura was not as lucky "AHH IT HURTS" Screamed Sakura in pain, as she was burned. What had once been a pretty girl, was replaced by a body lined with burns and melted flesh.

Hearing Sakura scream, Naruto stopped instantly, realizing his mistake. Staring at the girl he hoped to date and love, Naruto felt nothing but anger at himself for using his power, knowing what it would do. (Sorry I am not the best writer.)You have something to go of about, which is the starting point we all take. The best way to plot out a story is to try and make the others - who are listening to you - understand the premise of your story. I mean, an Idea remains an Idea until you properly understand your idea. Along the lines of, "Naruto regrets his acts, which were done out of..." This usually involves what the story is about or otherwise, a longer summary that you will use a a reference point. If they can understand and picture the image that you have conjured up, then you're well on your way to writing a story.

There will always be a link in the sidebar, though! Still a Gamer fic at heart but with stupid things added in like Naruto needs pee but wants to finish a bit of training first so a game window opens saying ' Through an action a new skill has been created. "Ha, with my new bloodline I can finally woo Sakura and beat Sasuke." Proclaimed Naruto boisterously."Heh, like your bloodline is better than mine." Argued Sasuke lazily."Yeah Naruto, Sasuke's Sharingan is way better than your stupid bloodline! As the acid cloud formed and took form, Sakura and Sasuke watched, not knowing the danger ahead of them.

Bladder Control is at level 1.' I was thinking of a story and have written the beginning. The cloud, slowly inching closer, finally reached Sasuke and Sakura, starting it's effect on them instantly.

AFTER: Years after a god-awful heartbreak, Naruto Uzumaki is making his mark on the world.

He's started college, he's got a great job, and he's become a renowned heartbreaker himself.

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Culturaly because some nations have had a migration from the other races and cultures in Tamriel coming to live in the shinobi nations.I also sperm dating my GP, who knows me well, and we talked through a few things.

It was ultimately the right call, I felt, and experts seem to agree.… continue reading »

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