Dating kay 27 guitars

22-Dec-2019 07:55

S98025946= 1998. this page the guitar is claimed to be a 1997, with a serial number of S97056473: All that is well and good, and seems rather straight-forward.But then we have your serial number: S6078776, which you think might be from 1987 (I'd like to know what info you got to come to that---for science!Together, they cited information from 16 How's Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article meets our high quality standards. Maybe you picked up an old guitar at a yard sale for a few bucks, or maybe you've noticed a few dusty axes in your grandparents' attic.

Hol Great thru'neck electric guitar made by Kawai for Kay. An ideal starting pla One of two Kay Thru' neck guitars I have for sale, this one has the rosewood fretboard, the other an ebony fretboard. If this is true I think I'm really helpfull for a lot of people here... - 8 DIGITS stamped on the back of the headstock, I think the meaning is: DDMMYNNNDD = day of the month (01 to 31)MM = month (01 to 12)Y = last digit of the year (ex: 1992 = 2)NNN = production number (000 to 999) (I really don't know if there's another subdivision here) NOTE: year "7" can mean 1987 or 1997, "8" can mean 1988 or 1998...have to look at the model in production that year EXAMPLE: the code of my MX-250 25023072 means the manufacturing date is and it was the 72nd guitar producted For now all the guitars I've checked are right with this meaning... I also invite you to visit my website, is still under construction..check it!