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18-Nov-2020 12:45

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The Sheraton II has fantastic looks, with extensive binding, block inlays, and gold hardware, but there's more to it than meets the eye.The guitar's semi-hollowbody design - with a solid center block flanked by open spaces in the body of the guitar - allows this jazz box to have the resonance more commonly associated with solidbody guitars while still having the open tone hollowbodies are known for.I have a SD Seth Lover in another guitar and they sound more open ( but it is also a different guitar so it is a bit hard to compare...) The most important thing is that the ones in the guitar were pretty bad and the guitar was sounding a lot better when they were replaced.The focus and clarity is a lot better with other pickups.The Sheraton II is a great guitar with a long history, dating back to the creation of the original Sheraton back in 1959.In 1988, the Sheraton II was developed, swapping out the original Frequensator tailpiece for a stop bar, and the Sheraton's place in history was set.

Little did I know I'd own it for less than a month and that would be the spark to ignite a 2 year sampling binge. I believe they cost about 0 The States which is a bargain for a handmade set of pups. It's very difficult to describe a sound but they completely suit this guitar.It's also got a pair of humbuckers with a 3-way selector switch and dual volume/tone knobs, so it's not just a one-trick pony.