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The country's internet exchange point (IXP) – a peering center for domestic traffic established by Kazakhtelecom in 2008 – is meant to facilitate connectivity among 10 first-tier providers, although Beeline, a rival of Kazakhtelecom with an autonomous backbone infrastructure, has been repeatedly denied access.with the expectation that it would be more inclusive.Obstacles to Access: The government of Kazakhstan continued to improve ICT infrastructure by facilitating market competition and private ownership in the telecommunications industry, although the partly-government owned Kazakhtelecom announced its plans to acquire 75 percent of Kcell.There were no internet shutdowns during the reporting period, but users frequently experienced connectivity issues when trying to access social media and communication platforms.New amendments to the law on information and communications require users wishing to comment on local websites to register by either using their government-issued digital signature or using SMS identification.

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The government also moved to further restrict anonymity online while increasing its surveillance capabilities.A number of laws allow the government to suspend telecommunications networks.During the coverage period, there were no reports of intentional disruptions to ICT connectivity.Since 2014, the prosecutor general's office is also authorized to issue orders to shut down communication services without a court order if "networks are used for felonious aims to damage interests of individuals, society or state," including the dissemination of illegal information, calls for extremism, terrorism, mass riots, or participation in unauthorized public gatherings.

Orders must be executed by either telecom operators or the State Technical Service within three hours.although access is more limited in rural areas where 45 percent of the population resides.