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15-Sep-2020 06:12

“You need to look at all the dynamics of what you and your partner are and why you’ve decided to be polyamorous.

“Only do it with someone you’re both just as into and who is just as into both of you, because that leaves less room for insecurity and doubt.” The “throuple” (a long-term relationship with three people) lived together for three months but Mr Marrasso eventually decided it was not a sustainable lifestyle for him.

Whether documented or not, polyamory has certainly sparked interest among the digital generations.

A University of Michigan study from the National Center for Institutional Diversity, published in the showed that Google searches for terms like polyamory and open relationships “significantly increased” from 2006-2015.

“It’s a lot more effort satisfying two partners physically and emotionally,” he said.

“Some nights you just want to chill out and even when you’re chilling there’s still two other people in the house and chances are one of them wants your attention.

However, Mr Marrasso said fun ultimately was not a good enough reason to enter into a poly relationship, and there should be serious conversations between all partners beforehand.

“People love the idea of dating other people, but unless you’re all actually in love with each other, it’s not worth getting into a poly relationship,” he said.

“Polyamory is still often seen as different to the ‘norm’ so managing social responses can also be very challenging.” Ms van Diest said more people are choosing CNM because, as social norms change, people realise conventional relationships have not worked for them.As today’s social media generation continue to challenge norms with their sex-positive attitudes, one tide certainly seems to be changing: relationships.

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