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23-Sep-2020 03:14

If you’ve struggled to find a happy medium when navigating a new relationship’s early days, you’re far from alone.

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It’s the only way to move a relationship forward and beyond the superficial.

“I’ve seen people get über excited about somebody right off the bat,” Steinberg said.

“It’s okay to be excited about that, you made a connection and that in itself is something to celebrate …

This push and pull dynamic is based on something called your attachment style, which affects your desire for and comfort with closeness and intimacy.” That doesn’t mean all hope is lost. “If you kind of feel like you’re in that desperate (space),… “Once you unpack that a bit, you might be able to sit back a little bit and give the person a little space.” If you want to slow yourself down, dating multiple people at once can “(allow) you to get a good sense of all the types of people out there, and (prevent) you from putting all of your eggs in one basket and rushing the vetting process,” Burns said.

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“In the early stages of dating, you want to maintain your sense of identity and independence, which means you’re not ditching your friends for a date or waiting anxiously by the phone for someone to call and ask you out,” she said.

She calls these early interactions the “dating dance.” “Whether or not you’re over-eager or you’re wanting to find a connection or a relationship, it’s something every dater… “I’ve experienced it from both ends of the spectrum—trying to be that cool girl, detached, playing the game, and from the perspective of being a dating coach, where I advise against the game-playing and the manipulative stuff.