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30-May-2020 08:51

At Flashpoint Chicago, we're dedicated to equipping creative students with the tools, skills, and experiences to meet the demand for talented storytellers and artists in the exploding digital economy.

Our programs are designed to take your creative intuition, mix it with technological know-how, and turn you into the kind of crazy-good creative you want to be.

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usic has always been the centerpiece of Houseshow, but it is through the music scene that I’ve come to know the college kids and others who make up the crowds at these local DIY and small venue shows.

Here are some highlights of our discussion about his work, which you can see examples of here, plus music, Allen Ginsberg and the Beat Generation’s enduring cultural influences in our artistic world, and the DIY scene mentality. I feel like it will even everything out, more well-balanced.

I’m really excited for it, it seems like a good school and they’ve got all the right ideas. I used to work on a literary journal, so we’d have to send it away for them to print it and everything.

Join us for a great day filled with interactive workshops for students and parents, current student and alumni panels.

Yeah, the cut-up method, writing by chance…He’d take two texts…it was all just crazy. That’s a really big inspiration when you think about it, that turned into punk and all these little scenes…That influence of collaging and recreating and repurposing is such a big deal, you know? You really do have to find your way into it a lot, and it’s really about establishing it too, yourself.