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01-Oct-2019 12:01

Meditation trains you to be present The most important moment in your life is the one that you are living right now.

The past is done, the future is uncertain and hasn’t quite appeared yet.

Us coders are lucky, in that the vast majority of us LOVE writing code.

But we are still subjected to that nagging feeling that things will be better IN THE FUTURE or things were better in the past.

By learning to recognise the distracted or interrupted state, it is possible to get yourself back on track more quickly.Scenario 1 You just can’t figure out what’s causing this bug.Countless hours of Googling, numerous Stackoverflow blind alleys, every reverse engineering trick you can think of, every single package removed and reinstalled, one by one – this thing still won’t work. They’re a demanding crowd, asking so much all the time, it’s relentless. Scenario 3 You arrive home after another long day at the code mines.It’s silence away from the noise of other humans, online courses, podcasts – a chance to let me brain rest for a while and just stop working” “Meditation relieves the CRAZY amount of stress I find myself under and once I’ve released some of that stress it re-energises me – often it’ll help me get to sleep if I can’t drift off and all I can see is code behind my eyelids” “Breathing meditation helps be come back into the present.

I’m doing exams for my programming courses in university right now and meditation brings me almost immediate calm when I need it most” “Sometimes my mind makes the challenges of writing code bigger and scarier than they actually are.

You start to think you’re not cut out for this coding life. While you definitely made some progress, you’re finding it hard to shake off the day.

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