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15-May-2020 21:17

“I still respect the sacrament of matrimony and the church’s desire to keep it sacred against the will of our coarsened culture.”Still, for many, the church makes too many demands for re-entry to church life.It is often as if there are only two options, many Catholics said: Be dishonest or depart.The battle lines are clear: Some high-level church officials, most notably the conference of German bishops, want the church to relax its rules so that divorced Catholics can more fully return to church life, particularly by receiving communion, even if they have remarried.Traditionalists are pushing back fiercely, arguing that the indissolubility of marriage is ordained by God and therefore nonnegotiable.In October, bishops from around the world argued about divorce, among other topics, at a synod on family issues; this October, a larger group of bishops will meet for a second Vatican synod at which they will decide whether to recommend changes.The decision of whether to act, then, will be up to Francis.In other words, there is no defined use of "human person" in the Catholic religion.

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Twice divorced, she, too, feels judged by her church, but when she does go to Mass, she walks up with the rest of the congregation.

Like many Catholics, he is hoping for a change.“A lot of people would like to be practicing and aren’t,” he said.

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