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11-Apr-2020 06:01

Even today, pet companies may venture so far as to show a woman or girl with dogs, but few portray a man or boy with cats.The man who is public about his cat-love is secure enough in his masculinity to go against social norms and express his love for an animal that is viewed as "soft" and "feminine" (which I have yet to understand, given most cats are anything but — but that’s another post! A few years ago, the ran an article about the increasing number of straight cat-owning men.An acquaintance once asked her dad, "Why do most men hate cats?" He responded (apparently not missing a beat), "I think they remind us too much of smart-ass women." Both these anecdotes speak of the desire for an ever-obedient, adoring, and controllable female partner.What, then, can we extrapolate about the man who loves cats?What kind of person is he, and what type of partner does he want? We grow up learning that dogs are for boys, and cats for girls.These words were not associated with dog-owning men (because I asked about that, too).

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I was pleasantly surprised that "deep," "wise," and "introspective" came up numerous times.

My sister is lucky enough to have found a cat-loving man, and I can only hope I will too someday (soon! So I put out a call for cat men and received the photos and stories below.

This is my take on cat men and why I think they’re the best men around.

When you first bring a cat home, chances are it’s going straight under the closest bed or sofa.

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Days might go by before the little critter comes out, let alone shares the sofa with you.They are not controlling, but rather accept and appreciate things as they are.