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Beatty called Holt and negotiated Cher’s release.” On meeting her future singing partner Sonny Bono: “I swear, it was like the Maria and Tony scene. ‘Kids liked it, but adults just hated us,’ Cher says. Fistfights hate.’ When “I Got You Babe” came out, in 1965, they went to London. Two days, three days later, we were famous.’” Meryl Streep on Cher’s performance in Moonstruck: “Moonstruck was when she showed how completely effortless her fully rounded talent was—funny, heartbreaking, inimitable—no one else could’ve done it that way. ’”” On how acting on instinct has influenced so many pivotal moments throughout her career: “It doesn’t always.

‘It sounds so dumb, but everything happened so fast,’ Cher says.

Criminals in the underworld joined in the hunt, aided also by the beggars' association.

Their first major tip was from a blind balloon peddler (Georg John) who heard a suspicious man whistling Edvard Grieg's "Hall of the Mountain King" from the 'Peer Gynt' Suite at the same time that the man bought a balloon (to lure the unsuspecting young female victim).

The actual trial involving Emile Zola (Paul Muni), a celebrated French writer and social critic, occurred in February 1898.She was captured by French loyal to the British, imprisoned, and brought to trial (bound in chains) before the Holy Office of cruel, tormenting, grotesque inquisitors (stern priests, prison guards and judges).She was charged with claiming divine guidance and heavenly visions for her military exploits.He had been defending and fighting for the pardon of French military officer Capt.

Alfred Dreyfus (Joseph Schildkraut), a Jewish officer in the French army who was wrongly-accused (and unjustly court-martialed) on the charge of treason for providing secret information to the Germans - he was sentenced to a slow death by life imprisonment on Devil's Island.

Verdict: During the kangaroo court hearing, Beckert groveled on the floor, expressed his terror through his bulging eyes, and confessed to his crimes, claiming that he was compelled by an evil voice and uncontrollable inner impulses to kill - and couldn't stop himself.

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