Are you and louis dating yup

10-Mar-2020 11:38

As Louis CK says, ejaculation for men is often just a necessary release.When we don’t do it, pressure builds up and our urges increase.Gary Wilson lead this rebellion by creating with a now infamous TED talk.His overall message is that masturbating to porn regularly can produce the following symptoms: Some people argue that his findings are unscientific and unfounded.I believe they are healthy outlets when used in moderation, like anything else.That being said, you’ve got to decide what’s more important to you…Consistent masturbation to pornography stops men from meeting women.I was skeptical, too and refused to believe it was possible.

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I’m here to discuss a different negative resulting from porn that I know is true for many guys.

By satiating their physiological need for sex by watching porn, they decreased their desire to go out and find real women.

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