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One woman told of being held prisoner in a house that had been turned into a makeshift brothel in Mc Allen, a city of 143,000 in the Rio Grande Valley. My son, I realized he was an innocent bystander in this situation and that it wasn’t his fault.

Law enforcement officials on the border said they had made arrests in many of the cases brought to them and would pursue more if they could. The oldest victims were in their early 40s when they were attacked; the two youngest were 14. But the majority of my girlfriends do know so they can understand what I went through, and they support me. I was scared that it might occur to him to kill me. This has happened to many other women.”Cindy, 26, and her son Samuel stayed at a stash house in Mexico while waiting to cross the border. He had the gun and he pointed the gun at my head when he was attacking us. We’re in his power and we feel like we’re disposable.Most of their attackers were never prosecuted or identified, and The Times was not able to independently verify the women’s accounts. I knew that they were the ones who were going to take me across, so I knew that I had to stay with them. Afterwards, he told me to hurry up or he would leave me there on the ground. She and another woman were raped by a smuggler, and she learned after being apprehended by Border Patrol that she was pregnant. His little brother, to whom Cindy gave the biblical name of Adonai, is 2. We can’t do anything because it’s like they tell us, they can kill us and nobody will say anything.Then they took her to a room upstairs, locked the door and began taking turns with her.

It was the summer of 2014, and Melvin, a 36-year-old mother of three, had just completed the journey from her native Guatemala, crossing the Rio Grande on a raft before being led to the house in the Texas border city of Mc Allen.

But all eight women either gave sworn testimony or submitted statements under penalty of perjury to the federal government in order to qualify for visas, and cooperated with the police in the investigation of their cases. It wasn’t until that test that I knew I was pregnant. I had been marked because of what had happened to me, that violation. Going to the psychologist, that’s what helped me heal.