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When we got there, it was like we were almost hypnotized by it. But packing was difficult, because we had so many things we wanted to bring: our hairdryer, our flatiron, our makeup compacts. Phil did name us the most fashionable team in Amazing Race history. Too bad it wasn't one of the legs of the race. Vyxsin: But I wouldn't have traded India and Italy for anything. That's the opposite of what they showed and what you claimed earlier this season when you said he brings out your chivalrous side. After that, whenever we went to a pit stop, we'd try to lighten our load so that as we approached the end, we'd be sleeker and faster. Kynt: Well, when we started, we had a lot more of everything — a lot of warm clothes, more makeup, 17 or 20 powder compacts.

We started playing around with all the little creatures and dancing. You did not bring a flatiron on The Amazing Race! Speaking of Italy, that's where you had a meltdown. When we got to the [accident on the highway] we decided to go on this insane mountain road. You made it seem like your gender roles were reversed.

The U-Turn and the Speed Bump each occurred in two episodes of The Amazing Race 12.

The Alaska finish line was the northernmost finish location of the series.

The Amazing Race 12 spanned 30,000 miles (48,000 km) in 21 days, making it the shortest Amazing Race course since the Family Edition of season 8.

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Chat of sex with me by sms How long on average did it take to put on your game face? Funny, since you guys go out of your way to be different. What kind of reception but did you generally get? Also, I found that because we were something different, usually it was an advantage for us when dealing with people. Like Vyxsin said on the first episode, "We were like Gothic Energizer bunnies." Ah, your famous line. No one who's been awake for a few days should be driving. Kynt: It was our one bad moment in and it was quick. Vyxsin, how often does he threaten to injure himself to get his way? Kynt: You might have seen us wearing some toward the beginning.However, host Phil Keoghan told Kynt & Vyxsin in Leg 7 that there were two non-elimination legs in this race.Most seasons without "To Be Continued" or "superlegs" have four non-elimination points." width="350" height="239" title="Kynt Cothron and Vyxsin Fiala, The Amazing Race" class="b-lazy" data-amp-src="" / As Amazing Race fans know, no team was eliminated this week.

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But to tide you over till the next episode, here's an interview with America's favorite ousted racing Goths, Kynt Cothron and Vyxsin Fiala.

Vyxsin: He wasn't saying, "Oh, at last, I feel normal! Did you break any nail-polish bottles in your bag? This whole experience has just been such a blessing. What's it been like to see the comments the other teams made about you? Vyxsin: Looking how Kynt and I do, I can't say we haven't been called names before, and sometimes they've been quite a bit harsher and meaner than those. Kynt: Our look is different, but it's not intimidating, you know? We weren't the strongest team, the most athletic or the smartest. A couple of weeks ago, Azaria and Hendekea told me they felt like you two turned it on for the camera. Kynt: I don't think that's accurate because they never saw us when cameras weren't around. Vyxsin: And I would say that of the other teams, too. I don't feel like we really know the other teams very well outside of the context of The Amazing Race. Kynt: I'm like, "Vyxsin, gimme that powder or I'm going to stab myself in the eye."Vyxsin: Honestly, the thing that we joke about with each other is that it took three years of us being together almost constantly and tens of thousands of miles of travel for us to, you know, snap at each other for a minute. Back when you were doing the furniture hoisting, you mentioned that you did macramé. But they had to get left behind — as in, in the garbage in the airport before we went to Ireland.