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19-Jan-2020 16:34

I had a holiday in New York, I took action to find employment outside of Japan, and I received an offer within 1.5 months. Now, I’m in the hectic process of moving out, packing, selling furniture and whatnots, and counting down my days until I leave Japan for good. So many times I was carrying heavy luggage up and down the staircases in the train station and not a SINGLE body would reach out to help.What’s more, is that they’d give you dirty looks for being in their goddamn way. Married couples don’t hold hands and walk side-by-side here; the wife is supposed to walk 3 steps behind the husband, and once she gives birth to a child, it’s extremely difficult for her to step back into the workforce.Despite all this, the last 30 days seem to be passing at a world-record low speed. I find myself buried in despair, anger, hatred, frustration, irritation… I have great friends in Japan that provide a safe bubble for me, but as soon as we part and I’m all alone again, my negative thoughts creep in and take my sanity away.Of course, as you’d imagine, not a single person on the train reached out to ask if I was okay.

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I was on my way home from a dinner with some lovely friends.

Eventually, he packed his things and got up to move to the next car — except when he was about to open the door to the next car, he turned around and gave me a dirty look. If you’re new to Japan or just here for a trip, you’d probably love the trains here — they’re clean, punctual, and quiet.