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08-Apr-2020 10:26

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True love can be hard to find, but two women have revealed how they met their husbands in the most unlikely of places - Tinder.

Although for most users the dating app often results in dud dates or one night stands, these relationships wouldn't exist without it.

'My advice is to be picky, be fussy and don't settle!

That's when we shared our first kiss.'I ended the date by sliding down the wet slippery dip. The next day he was heading home and Renee thought she would never see him again and she was stressed she would never meet someone that would compare. The restaurant closed and we didn't want the date to end so we sheltered from the rain in a nearby park under the cover of children's play equipment where we ended up talking for hours,' she said But she heard from Simon every day for the next month until he came back to Sydney again.'I definitely didn't go into Tinder thinking I was going to meet my future husband.I thought I'd definitely have to kiss a few toads first,' she said.Renee and Simon Nola Renee, 33, decided to join Tinder after she moved to Sydney with a former boyfriend and they eventually broke up.'I didn't know a lot of people or how to meet people other than through work,' she said.'I joined Tinder partly to heal my poor esteem post-break up and to fix my boredom, partly to see what kind of guys were out there in the wider community, and partly to meet new people.'Prior to this Renee had never been single for a long period of time as since she was 16 she has met future boyfriends through friends or on nights out and had a habit of long-term relationships.

The 33-year-old went on approximately 10 Tinder dates before meeting her husband Simon.She never once thought she would meet her future husband on the app.

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