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He came home with battle scars and the Silver Star.The last line points out this song is for all the heroes and All-American Kids that did not come home.This song tells the story of a deceased soldier, his honor and sacrifice to and for his country.It is a song of the service person in the "War on Terror" and the spirit of the American servicemen and woman. While it was among the first 14 national cemeteries established, as such it did not accept service men until 1864 whereas, Fort Scott, Kansas had done so shortly after 1842 on land outside of the fort.This Country Music based song/video shows images of the diverse American population and lives.Song that salutes the American serviceman and the American people's willingness and determination to defend freedom.This song is about the small town local football hero who had big universities falling over themselves recruiting him.Instead of signing with a big university he went to the big league and singed up with Uncle Sam and served three tours of duty.

Soldiers that had been buried since 1842 were moved to the newer and larger cemetery. It was a single released off the album of the same name. The song is a salute to patriotic Americans and to the Voice Of America radio network in Europe which beamed American News and music across the Iron Curtian into Eastern Europe and The Soviet Union (Russ Ia). The song is meant as a tribute to fallen servicemen and their families.This site is a good starting point for teachers and students interested in American Patriotic Music.This list is of the best American patriotic/patriotism songs for, of, about and from the U. The list includes songs who's origins reach back before the birth of the nation.It is also a list designed to help teachers, students, and parents who are searching for songs related to different events in American History.

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__________________________________________________________________ Jerrod not only wrote the song, but he also sings it.It is a God and Country tune of some controversy Supporters of prayer in schools and believers in a strong tie between religion and patriotism felt that the song had been banned from radio by "Political Correctness" zealots.